Mobile videos: the new advance

In this post we are introducing new mobile apps. It is a mobile App that lets you shoot, edit, and publish videos on the go. You can record videos from your phone while the script you need to deliver will be running at a desired speed in the background!

 Extempore replaces all the conventional Video equipment and gives you the freedom to record videos from your Smartphone! In Fact you don’t even have to depend on other tools to edit and publish the videos.

This is Extempore. It can make s story for you. Story is nothing but the script of the video you want to record. You can create up to 25 Stories if you have the Extempore Commercial license. At any given point of time you can have 25 stories, record takes and edit videos. You can also delete finished projects and create new stories after reaching your story limit.But if you want to work on more than 25 stories at the same time you can upgrade to our Pro version which will be presented to you after this purchase. It will give you the option to work on 50 stories at any point of time. The words can be adjusted in (any language) according to the length of the video.

Now You can see Extempore in action

Professional version: More details Click here

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