How to grow your audience

For sure to please your audience you need a good content. Yet this post is about to grow your audience. People visit your site and may not return back. You have to have some way to contact them. Either Face Book fan pages or emails, text messages, or even phone number.

In the market, there are many platforms that can help you in any way of these. But as we expect from Banana Markets blog to present the most recent and advanced as well as the cheapest possible products.

That is why we present in this post Sendiio

The inbox rate is being very high with list you build, but when it comes to Face Book messenger the inbox rate is 100%

The combination makes you more powerful
watch your profits

Also it is a funnel product, and you can upgrade your capabilities. there is the personal and the pro version. also you can make an agency licence with it.

All these with one time payment and no monthly fees till writing this post.

Here is a demo and you can see more in the sales page. the demo here describes the integration with shopzpresso (that we discussed in the previous post) to create an online store.

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